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A nation of Apathy, we never get antsy. Our maximum sympathies are lacking humanity he enemy laughs ever so gladly as we sit by idly doing nothing too fancy. Our gazes are fixed, our minds are Husayn, we want to be by his side, but our cries slowly subside consoling …

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Time to Switch Banks?

Big banks have played a big part in the recent economic downturn. Giving out loans to people who have no qualifications, charging astronomical interest rates on credit cards, and receiving large taxpayer-funded bailouts are just a few of the practices that have contributed to the recent recession and have really …

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The Real Power Couples

Now that we have defined society’s view of a “power couple”, let’s go into what Islam’s view is. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) sums it up nicely when he says, “Join your children in marriage (boys or girls), because thereby Allah renders their tempers good, …

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Our Allegiance to Islam

It is not shocking to see that many youth avoid involvement in youth groups due to the fact they are often run by individuals set in their own ways and biases towards others. The lack of willingness among youth groups and other Islamic organizations has disillusioned many talented individuals of …

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