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The Psalms of Islam

The Holy Qur’an and Nahjul Balagha are two books you will find in nearly every Shia Muslim home. These represent the two weighty things that were left to us by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny), the Holy Book of God and the members of his …

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The Etiquette of Fatimiyya

The following inquiry was directed to His Eminence Ayatollah Lutfullah Saafi Gulpaygani by a group of believers: With condolences on the heart-rending martyrdom of the Prophet’s only daughter Lady Fatima Zahra (peace be upon them both), we would like to inquire that since we don’t know the actual date of …

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Instilling Modesty in Children

There is a not-so-subtle campaign aimed at having young girls dress in short, revealing clothing. In fact, a trip to a department store will quickly remind us that modesty is not the number one priority when designing children’s clothes. However, modesty is an essential foundation when it comes to raising …

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Bahrain: One Year On

Any country seen as legitimately striving for independence finds itself on the receiving end of military intervention and total destruction under the age old mantra of democracy and human rights. That sounds understandable, until one realizes that when it came to Egypt, Libya, and Syria, the United States and its …

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The Wise Counsel of Luqman

Human life is governed by a system of personal responsibility. Duties begin from the earliest stages of life and continue till its end; at no moment can an individual claim freedom or separation from some form of obligation. As long as ability exists, it has an associated responsibility attached to …

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To Rent Or To Buy?

From a person who has lived with his parents for many years and has saved a good amount of money to the student fresh out of college with massive student loans, from the married man with three kids and a wife to the single mom looking to get an advanced …

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