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Prescription for Savings

It is no surprise that the healthcare system in America is woefully inadequate. It is currently run by insurance companies whose main goal is to make themselves as much money as possible, and they can do this because of their enormous lobbying influence in Washington. It is because of this …

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Finding Faults in Others

Islam places great emphasis on each individual taking account of one’s actions. Setting aside some time during the end of the day to evaluate ourselves and work on our weaknesses is highly commendable and is one of the best methods towards improving oneself. On the flip side of that, there …

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The Psalms of Islam

The Holy Qur’an and Nahjul Balagha are two books you will find in nearly every Shia Muslim home. These represent the two weighty things that were left to us by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny), the Holy Book of God and the members of his …

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You’re Married…Now What?

Newly married couples should definitely take advantage of marriage counseling from a religious scholar or even from secular sources in order get help in meeting the challenges of marriage. There are however some simple things couples can do to keep their marriage strong and lively. One major challenge to overcome …

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Islam: New and Improved?

As absurd as it sounds, some of us consume so much Islamic knowledge from books, speeches, and the Internet that we start to glaze over things we have seen and heard before, and look for “new” information. Many times people say they would rather not listen to a certain speaker, …

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Financial Advice for College Grads

For all the focus on money and products in this capitalistic society, it is curious that basic financial advice is not really emphasized in high school or universities. Sure, those people who are interested in it will find the information, but not everyone is eager to read about financial management. …

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