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The Case for God’s Existence

A common critique of theists is their inability to prove God’s existence rationally and scientifically. It is often claimed that the case for God’s existence is merely an emotional one, with no basis in intellect. Through rational objective reasoning, I have aimed to prove the existence of a higher power, …

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Azaadari; Karbala

A mourning held in the heavens For the bodies that lay on the hot plains Their blood was desecrated And their sanctity violated Initiated by none other than his esteemed household This tradition we will uphold Lessons of peace and unity in processions The message of Husayn we will spread …

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A Long Awaited Martyrdom

The new year has started but unfortunately not the way we anticipate Alas, Sheikh al-Nimr has been killed after a long awaited fate The murderers of Nimr are none other than ale-Saud Who followed the footsteps of Shimr and ale-Yahood Today they think that they shut down the voice of …

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The Voiceless Dream

Whilst picking the thorns of a crumbled flower out of my feet I saw a caravan approaching in the desert heat I squinted, trying to decipher what I was gazing upon Blinded by their noor, I was forced to accept they were lesser than none Unscripted they approached me and …

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I Walk for Husayn

I walk I walk through the valleys and the shadows of the death that surrounds me Entrenched in the smell of blood lingering in my soul Searching for their stories repeatedly told and simultaneously ignored And I walk I walk and I stumble on the remains of those who passed …

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