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I Walk for Husayn

I walk I walk through the valleys and the shadows of the death that surrounds me Entrenched in the smell of blood lingering in my soul Searching for their stories repeatedly told and simultaneously ignored And I walk I walk and I stumble on the remains of those who passed …

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The Etiquette of a Guest

This is one part of a two part series on etiquette, read the second part of the etiquette of a host. Often times in our lives we have stood and will stand in the position of a guest at the door of the host who could be a relative, friend, colleague, or …

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Travel Tips for the Momin

Travel is a part of everyday life. If travel is booked in advance, one can attempt to ascertain that Islam does not go out of focus during the time spent away through preparation. So, whether it is a leisure or work related visit, there are a few pointers that may …

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Fatima’s Message

Fatima al-Zahraa is beyond human comprehension–her story is too lofty for my pen but I write with wishes and hope I can attain a fraction of her heart’s recognition These words do no justice to the Lady of Light but I write with every ounce of my heart and hope …

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