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The sad thing is that some of us are provoked, and we react by burning down embassies and waving picket signs saying "Behead those who insult Islam!" This is exactly what people the likes of Wilders, Glenn Beck, and Pat Condell want. They don't want a "dialogue among civilizations".

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Great Mystery

The movie also approaches the ability of the world's religious groups to work together and achieve long-lasting peace. Surprisingly, when asked about whether things could improve in the world, most people responded negatively. Several expressed pessimism about the future of peace and happiness in the world, saying that things will …

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ShiaTV vs. YouTube and Others

ShiaTV is a website that caters to a variety of audiences, young and old. Every video on the site I have viewed is educational and Islamic. I wouldn’t worry about children using the site; in fact, perhaps this site could be integrated into classroom activities in Islamic schools, considering the …

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