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In the Beginning

Was The First Light like the light that we now perceive? Can a mere solar explosion successfully achieve the frequency and intensity to create matter and life? Perhaps. The Universe is said to be expanding and is rife with possibilities.

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Come to the Prayer

Rise before dawn. You can pray on your lawn; an example for those passing by. Wash the sleep from your eyes. Lift your voice to the skies. The Truth always conquers The Lies. Praying The Prayer in the clean morning air is certainly Allah’s Blessed High.  

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The Road from Heaven to Paradise

Every ache accompanied by the cry of ‘Ya Husain!’, every mile a sad reminder of the disgraceful procession of Ahle-Haram to Damascus. The feeling of exhaustion and physical stress diluted with the zeal of admiration, hoping that every blister leaves a scar of devotion embedded with pain.

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