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Peaceful Transfer of Power

Here in the West, we experience the different types of elections which take place every few years, whether it be a congressional position, senate, governorship or the presidential election. These elections are presented to the people as a free, democratic opportunity for every registered citizen to partake in.  Before the …

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ʿIyādat al-Marīḍ, or “The Etiquette of Visiting the Sick” in Hadith-Narrations

Editor’s note: The following was originally published by the al-Sidrah publication from the Ahl al-Bayt Islamic Seminary by Sayyid Sameer Ali.  ʿIyādat al-marīḍ, or “visiting the sick,” is an important Islamic moral commandment. It is the right of a Muslim, who is ill and bedridden, for other Muslims to make an …

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