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Spring Break Reading List


Admit it. You promised yourself that this year you’d work on putting in a little extra effort on the Islamic knowledge front. Chances are you’re like the rest of us, and your momentum tends to falter once Muharram or Ramadan is done, and between work, school, and family obligations, finding …

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The Final Conclusion


Dr. Abu Shahba presents five major case studies surrounding the doctrine of faith which tackle very basic questions that are inherent and logical for every human being to ask. He answers the research questions posed using pure logic and solid facts to make a fair and satisfying conclusion that brings …

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Guide to Muslim Homeschooling


Muslim families considering homeschooling must do their research, the author suggests. She provides some background studies and data to help researchers get started. Laws related to homeschooling vary by location, and each family must ensure it complies with applicable laws.

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Divine Flashes of Husayn


Twenty-one excerpts of sermons, speeches, letters and poems from the last six months of Imam Hussain’s life follow, in original Arabic and translation without commentary, aside from necessary context and notes in back matter of the text which cite sources and provide a few comments from the author and/or translator. …

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Halal Healthy Meals


The recipes themselves are very appealing and none of them are those highly unrealistic gourmet recipes that require hard-to-find ingredients and special equipment. These are real tried-and-true family recipes collected from a variety of sources.

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What makes Mooz-Lum appealing is the unique story-telling employed by Basir which he achieves primarily through flashbacks to Tariq’s middle school life. Throughout the film, there is a consistent level of balkanization among various groups in the film. While the conflicts in the film are several, they achieve a clear …

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Shining Sun


The tribute consists of two main parts; a brief memorial of Allama Tabatabai, followed by transcriptions of several discussions the author and/or other students of the Allama had on religious topics in the fields of history, philosophy, mysticism, theology, and Qur’an. As is standard for books published by ICAS, the …

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Martial Arts: A Way to Grow


While self-building is arguably the main goal of practicing a martial art, there are many other positive effects associated with it, such as keeping in good shape, being able to learn and think on your feet, having a sense of camaraderie with your fellow students, and being able to protect …

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Fight Club: the Struggle Within


Many people say the world is imperfect because of its contradiction in every aspect. The imperfection, they say, should not have been there. People wish that the world should have been full of goodness, light, honesty, love and compassion without any hatred, diseases, sickness, poverty, death, pain, violence or evil. …

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