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What makes Mooz-Lum appealing is the unique story-telling employed by Basir which he achieves primarily through flashbacks to Tariq’s middle school life. Throughout the film, there is a consistent level of balkanization among various groups in the film. While the conflicts in the film are several, they achieve a clear …

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The Movies We Watch


There are great Islamic movies out there as well which we can benefit from. We should do our best to support these ventures as they directly promote Islamic values and denounce sin. Having such movies spread on a large scale should be our goal because this would be another way …

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The Kingdom of Solomon


Mulk-e-Sulayman, or the Kingdom of Solomon, is an Iranian-made film portraying certain events in the life of Prophet Sulayman (peace be upon him). This is an interesting choice of personality to base a film upon because Prophet Sulayman is a prominent figure in the three main world religions: Islam, Christianity, …

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