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Muslims Should Also Boycott Film Mocking Hinduism

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Love Guru Comes Out this Weekend

Mockery of religious beliefs and customs, lampooning a people, and frivolous use of sacred terms…sound familiar? Since September 11, we Muslims have also been the brunt of endless such jokes and stereotypes promoted by Hollywood and popular culture in general.

In the Name of God

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ImageWe see religious leaders in many parts of the Muslim world speaking out against various forms of un-Islamic behavior, but when it comes to promoting human rights and education, they are strangely silent. The victims are therefore forced to turn towards advocacy groups.


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ImageThe sad thing is that some of us are provoked, and we react by burning down embassies and waving picket signs saying "Behead those who insult Islam!" This is exactly what people the likes of Wilders, Glenn Beck, and Pat Condell want. They don't want a "dialogue among civilizations".

Great Mystery

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ImageThe movie also approaches the ability of the world's religious groups to work together and achieve long-lasting peace. Surprisingly, when asked about whether things could improve in the world, most people responded negatively. Several expressed pessimism about the future of peace and happiness in the world, saying that things will only get worse.

Children of Heaven

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Children of HeavenChildren of Heaven is a family movie enjoyed by all ages. It is one of the rare movies to witness a respectable interaction with parents and children and also a loving friendly relationship between a brother and sister.