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Martial Arts: A Way to Grow

While self-building is arguably the main goal of practicing a martial art, there are many other positive effects associated with it, such as keeping in good shape, being able to

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Sports and the Social Media

Social media has brought a lot of advantages to players in the ways of marketing and getting their voices heard, but at the same time it has caused a lot

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The Role of Sports in Muslim Communities

Whether it is picking up a sport as a hobby or working out, staying active is an important way of managing stress. Physical activity is a known to increase the

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Where Does it All Start? Creating a New Sport

Once you have got the basics set you need to get all the rules and regulations into one place, compiled into a rule book.  A rule book is essential to

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Lessons from the World of Sports

One of the most obvious lessons that can be learned from sports is the importance of teamwork to achieve a goal. The teams that go on to win championships are

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Now That’s What I Call a Beard

In honor of no-shave November – a tradition that Muslims should partake in year round – I thought it’d be fun to list the top 10 beards in sports. This

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Should Athletes Be Our Role Models?

What is Islam’s take on sports and taking athletes as role models and who should young kids be looking up to today as role models? 

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Picking Our Battles: 2012 Olympics Scheduled during Ramadan

In 2012, Muslims may have to make some choices between the Olympics and faithful observance of our faith.

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Playoff Beards: Shia Infiltration in the NHL?

In hockey towns like Vancouver, the beard is a common sight in the month of May, as are hockey flags on every car, honks on every night in which there