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Don't Waste My Saturday Night!

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Real performance or silly theatrics?Is this really too much to ask of you, NBA All-Star? I mean, come on! The NBA Slam Dunk Contest used to be the highlight of the NBA All-Star weekend. I used to really look forward to the high flying action provided each year. Each year, stars like Vince Carter, Dwight Howard, Nate Robinson, Kobe Bryant, etc. would come out and put on a real show. Now it seems to be filled with lackluster performances and needless antics.

The two problems I see in this contest are: first, they're trying to change something that wasn't broken, and second, they're more worried about antics than the actual dunks themselves. I honest to God believed last year's Dunk Contest was decided before it even began.

Last year's Slam Dunk had some awe-inspiring dunks. Almost every dunk was different and creative, and some even made your jaw drop. The degree of difficulty on a lot of those dunks were fun to watch, but what ruined the contest was the fact that it had been rigged from the get go. As soon as they brought the Kia out on display, I knew it was a ploy to sell the car, an advertisement on center stage. Once Blake Griffin jumped, I knew there was no way they would let anyone else win this competition. Kia was not about to let all those millions go to waste. So from the very beginning, we knew that Blake would win, not because he had the best and most creative dunks, but because he was backed by the right sponsors.

This year's Dunk Contest was more pathetic than I could have imagined. There was serious lack of creativity, and it seemed like they decided which dunks to do right before they went out on the floor. There were multiple instances where the participants did the exact same dunk. When Derrick Williams did a windmill over a motor cycle, it was just another ploy to sell an item, so not only did he do a dunk which has been done more times than a person could count, but he copied last year's antics, just not at the same scale. Another thing that bothered me was that they gave each player only a few chances to dunk, and then chose a winner out of the four participants. I like the previous setup more, whereby they would have an elimination round and then the final round to decide the winner. It is beyond my ability to comprehend why you would want to fix something that wasn't broken.

We need star power again, and we need players who know how to dunk and can bring us a show. What we don't need is a bunch of nobodys who barely know how to handle the ball. We can't have it where the Shooting Stars Contest and the Three-Point Contest are the actual highlights of the Saturday night events. As much as I hate to say it, we need LeBron James to participate. As much as the world hates him and how big of an idiot he is, the man can still jump and would be a valued commodity in the dunk content. Let's hope for a turnaround next season. Or it might be time to change the channel...forever!

Author of this article: Mohammad Rizvi
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