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Prescription for Savings

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A few helpful tipsThe cost of prescription medications can really add up, especially for those who need multiple medications. Big pharmaceutical companies run the show here and their goal is – you guessed it – to make as much money as possible. But there are some ways to keep the cost of medications down that don't take too much time

Discourse Between Mother and Child

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Oh my child!

My dear self, Oh you whom Allah has breathed the spirit and gave you a name this day I tell must live the life of Ali and die the death of Hussain! You must tread the path of the holy chosen ones whose purpose we serve to you I transfer the torch of Wilayah and Mawwada to the Infallible Twelve

Parenting and the Cyber World

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How often do we know what our kids are doing online?The risks that your kid will probably be exposed to vulgar language and promiscuous pictures – are parents okay with this? Most parents will say, "My kid would never do those things! He just uses Wikipedia to do his homework and talk to his friends on chat." Which is fine, but a kid will be a kid – kids get curious, kids get peer pressured. We have seen the language and photos of kids who were "angels" go from clean language to innocent photos to a complete 180 degrees change – why?

In the Beginning

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Shaikh Ali Abu TalibWas The First Light like the light that we now perceive? Can a mere solar explosion successfully achieve the frequency and intensity to create matter and life? Perhaps. The Universe is said to be expanding and is rife with possibilities.

I Swear Upon Each Crushed Rib

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Ya Zahra!

I swear upon her scent, as roses give allegiance that no fragrance touched the prophet but her presence. I swear upon the echoes of her last voiceless nights that I am her servant and the anchor of her light.

To the Sustainer of My Being

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Ya Allah!

Each soul communicates to You through the strength that You have instilled into them. Amid the debris a child pushes back tears. Soon breaks because even mountains erode in time. But nobody sees the strength behind that silent wait.

Instilling Modesty in Children

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There is a not-so-subtle campaign aimed at having young girls dress in short, revealing clothing. In fact, a trip to a department store will quickly remind us that modesty is not the number one priority when designing children's clothes. However, modesty is an essential foundation when it comes to raising children into believing Muslims. For the girls, adjusting into the expectations of Hijab is a much smoother transition if they have dressed modestly since childhood. We have witnessed the struggles many girls have when they go from wearing t-shirts and shorts to long sleeves and pants, and this can be easily avoided by encouraging modest clothing from a very young age.

Pain at the Pump

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The hike in price seems to have no limit!Tire pressure should be checked regularly, as it can fluctuate with the outside temperature. It is important to make sure your tires are filled to their optimum pressure not only for the longevity of the tire but also for your gas mileage.

Dear Awaited

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What if the Mahdi appears in us? Standing against the wall of our hearts. Before he appears against that cubic wall. What if the second coming is the return of the light we were born with?

Light Within Light

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He is the Most Merciful.

If one traced the source of the sweet morning rays, upon arriving at sight, their soul would set ablaze. If one understood the mercy of the misty dew, they would steadily, but certainly disappear in the truth.

Muhammad's Ascent to Receive the Gift of Five Daily Prayers

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Shaikh Ali Abu Talib

He was humbled and simultaneously uplifted to Resplendent Transcendence, there to stand devoutly before The Source of Everything's Very Existence. The One Ubiquitous Source Of All Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge, in The Throne Room of Omniscience, The Final Prophet's Intuitive College.