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Fall 2008: Bold and Beautiful

Fall 2008 is bursting with rich, cool colors. No, this isn’t your grandma’s fall anymore. This season is marked to bring us vibrant berry blues, plum, burnt orange, deep yellow (not safety vest yellow, please!), shocking red, withered rose pink, and peacock colored green.

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Say Salam to Summer Style!

As Hijabi women, we have the distinct honor of carrying the banner of Islam. When people see one of us, they see a Muslim woman. Therefore, it is only right that we dress correctly in a fashionable manner. I really believe that being Hijabi doesn’t mean you become colorblind and …

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Spring Fashion

The key to wearing any bold print is to wear it in moderation. So, whether you go for floral prints, global prints, or zebra prints, don’t wear them all together. If you’re bold, you could probably get away with wearing two prints in one outfit, but my philosophy is K.I.S.S. …

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Muslim Haute Couture

Haute couture is a French word that means "high fashion."  It describes well-made garments that are hand-embellished, unique, and often very expensive.  Haute couture is a status symbol of sorts for wealthy women and only an elite group of fashion designers can claim that phrase for their clothes. 

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