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The Hijabis We See

The purpose of Hijab, which is summarized best as the concealment of beauty and the beauty of concealment, seems to be growing more and ambiguous these days.

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Fall 2008: Bold and Beautiful

Fall 2008 is bursting with rich, cool colors. No, this isn’t your grandma’s fall anymore. This season is marked to bring us vibrant berry blues, plum, burnt orange, deep yellow

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New and Cool Hijab Styles

Have you wanted to try out the latest styles in Hijab? Sister Marziya will teach you how.

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Say Salam to Summer Style!

As Hijabi women, we have the distinct honor of carrying the banner of Islam. When people see one of us, they see a Muslim woman. Therefore, it is only right

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Spring Fashion

The key to wearing any bold print is to wear it in moderation. So, whether you go for floral prints, global prints, or zebra prints, don’t wear them all together.

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Clothing for the Muslimah Career-woman

Styling Islamic clothing for work can be a little tricky. You don’t want to wear a glittery, shiny abaya because that’s a bit much for the office. But you also

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Fall 2007 Trends

This fall season, keep an eye out for pieces from Ready-to-Wear collections that are adaptable for the Muslimah wardrobe. The season has three popular trends: The Equestrian trend, the Plaid

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Online stores put sportiness into hijab fashion

Finding hijabs for a particular sport or seasonal wear is hard to do at your local clothing store, especially if you’re living outside a Muslim area such as Dearborn. It’s

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Dressing up for Eid — The perfect excuse to dress up

Whether your style is semi-formal or formal, traditional or modern, Eids are perfect excuses for Muslimahs to dress up.  Following are a few tips for wearing each style this Eid. 

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Muslim Haute Couture

Haute couture is a French word that means "high fashion."  It describes well-made garments that are hand-embellished, unique, and often very expensive.  Haute couture is a status symbol of sorts

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