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Visiting a Masoom this Winter? What to Wear!

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 And what to pack?By packing the things that are right for you to be comfortable, presentable and modest during Ziyarat in winter, you will be freer to focus on the main purpose of the trip while you're actually there: getting closer to Allah through your devotion to His loved ones.

Debasing the Hijab

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Flashy modesty?

The concept of modesty in Islam is well and truly being confused with the common-day image of the Hijab. It seems to be forgotten that it was through Islam's high regard for modesty that the Hijab returned power to women following centuries of injustice and inequity, by allowing the character of a female to dictate her status, success and progress rather than her physical appearance.

Style Watch: In Happiness, In Sadness

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When we dress up for dinner parties and get-togethers, why shy away from wearing one's best for the special days of the most important beings in the universe? At such days, we should endeavor to be joyous in our hearts, minds and yes, on the outside too.Some people complain about not celebrating birthdays during the annual time of sadness. But as we know, we have Islamic birthdates that can be used too at a different time of the year. A positive approach would be to arrange to celebrate one's birthday before Muharram or even on Eid az-Zahra itself!

Style Watch: Office Wear Inspiration

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Office WearRemember that when putting these ideas from the web into practice, you should be keeping the essence of hijab in mind, such as draping a scarf on your chest, wearing opaque socks and reasonably-heeled or flat shoes, and using modest accessories.

Style Watch: Absolute Abayas

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Whether you prefer an Iranian manteau or a Lebanese jelbab, it's very easy to find what you want with the plethora of online stores out there.

Hajj Special: Clothing Tips for Sisters

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The preparation we're discussing right now is to ensure sure you're looking modest and feeling comfortable, so you can concentrate on the acts of Hajj and not on your pinching shoes.

Style Watch: South Asian Sensations

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The un-wearable capri shalwar is having to make room for another new, very hijabi-friendly trend: the trouser-style shalwar.

Fresh Fall Updates!

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While you can find full sleeves and long tops in both fall and winter, it's the lighter-weight neutrals from autumn that can be worked into spring or summer wardrobes.

Sales or Supplications?

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This month, do enjoy the festive spirit and excitement, but don't get too carried away by the food, socializing, and Eid prep. When you participate in all these things, don't go overboard. Make an intention of doing these things towards the goal of improving yourself.

Part II: Don't Put Your Best Foot Forward?

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Stylish yet modest court shoe, to be worn outside.Part II of Islamic Insights Style Watch 'Don't Put Your Best Foot Forward?'

Don't Put Your Best Foot Forward?

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Shoes like this do not properly cover the feet in front of non-mahrams.Just because the feet have to be covered outside doesn't mean it is okay to go around with un-groomed toenails, smelly feet, or icky-looking calluses!