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New and Cool Hijab Styles

Cool Hijab StyleHave you wanted to try out the latest styles in Hijab? Sister Marziya will teach you how. Cool Hijab StyleEver seen an interesting Hijabi style and have always wanted to try it out but just don’t know the technique – the proper covering of the neck, the invisible pin right on the side of the scarf, and let’s not forget the symmetrical corners all set up right? Well, I have, and after much wondering and stealing side glances, I simply asked. So today, I will share what I have learnt. 

Style No.1: The Traditional Square Scarf

Just fold into a triangular shape and wear it. There are some hardcore Hijabis who will wake up half an hour before the alarm rings to iron their scarf so when worn, it is straight like a needle. 

Style No. 2: The Long Rectangular Hijabs (Shellas)

Pashminas and Dupattas can easily be converted into Shellas, but the trick is to make sure you don’t look like you have a swollen thyroid problem on your neck. Quick tips on the Shella: Fold the Shella a little bit before wearing it, as it gives a softer appearance of your face. Do not push your Shella/scarf all the way to the back of your forehead; rather, pull the sides a little bit more forward so that if you have a round face, it actually makes it look longer. 

Style No. 3: The Cap and Scarf

Many online stores have light cotton caps in different that look like bandanas that can be worn before you wear the Hijab. These caps really help if you are wearing a transparent Hijab or, in this case, if you want to coordinate different colors in your Hijabs to match your outfits. Simply wear the cap and then wear the Shella in a different color, making sure one side is longer than the other. Wrap the Shella around your head, and pin the end on the side of your head. 


Style No. 4: The Palestinian Style

(Since the majority of Palestinians who I have met seem to wear it this way.) Wear your Shella and make sure one side is longer than the other side. Pin the Shella at the back of your head, then pull over the longer side and wrap it around your neck and over your head. Pin it with a Hijabi pin. This style works really well if you have a Shella that has fringes on the end. 

Style No. 5: The Creative Style

Okay, so let’s say you want to be risky for the day, and apart from going way over the speed limit, you want splashes of color in your style too. Well, here goes. Wear a different colored cap, for instance, black. Then take two Shellas – red and black – and wear them over the hat and pin both of them together under your neck. (Make sure the red is on the bottom so that it contrasts with the black hat and Shella). One of the Shellas has to be longer on the side that will be going over your head. Wrap the bottom Shella over your head, and pin it on the side with a small pin. Then wrap the longer Shella and pin it with a cute Hijabi pin. If the longer Shella has fringes on the end, it will look more fun.


(Note: you can also double layer the Shellas without the cap, and instead use one solid scarf and one multicolored scarf.) 

Just like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. Wear it in front of your friends and family and get their opinion, and after all, everything comes down to what you are comfortable in. So dress right and go out there and represent! 

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  1. I find rectangle hijabs hard to wear – I am not good at wrapping and pinning so that they actually stay in place and look right all day. It may be having the “wrong” material for them many times. They just seem like a hassle to me.

    And I am notorious about not ironing scarves before wearing. In fact, it never occurred to me to do so until one day I was at a conference and this very lovable Iraqi sister acted with incredulity that I was about to go out without ironing my scarf – she MADE me iron it, lol. Yes, it did look better, but no, I still don’t iron my scarves.

    I think square scarves (or triangles) are making a comeback. For a while, it seemed no one was wearing them anymore (but me and a few others) but now I see more people wearing them. I love big triangles – they cover well.

    And I am quite partial to al-amira scarves. When I first wore them I wasn’t sure if I liked the way they looked, but they are too practical and easy for me to care and over time the way they look grew on me. At the least, I always wear the tube part of an amira as an underscarf, I just can’t imagine not wearing an underscarf anymore – they help hold hair and hijab in place.

  2. Good topic! A lot of us have MAJOR hijab issues. Some of us will either stick by our hijab ritual of pulling it over our heads 20 seconds before we leave the house while others, spend so long ironing the front crease!

    I went to a scarf styling workshop with some girls from the youth group and one way of wearing the rectangle hijab which I demonstarted which I invented (or like to think so anyway) is this:

    Lay out the rectangular scarf so that its like this

    Grab the top corner of the right side, or point C. Fold it, going from the bottom way till point C reaches point **. This will make a crease, just as though you are wearing a square scarf. [note-it may take you several attempts to get the perfect crease size that fits you, but most of the right side of you neck at this point should be visible]

    Now, just put it on from the crease as though it’s square and pin it at the neck. Grab the long side hanging on the left and wrap it around and pin it at the top of your head, as though you would do with the 2 parts which hang when you pin a square scarfe at the neck.

    Finally, be creative with the remainder hanging! Pull it across you chest or pin it to the shoulder, what ever floats your boat! This works well with no cap, but if your a cap girl, go for it!

    Hope it helps those girls who can’t stand not having a crease at the front of their Hijab!

  3. That’s pretty clever Sr. Zara, thanks. I just tried it, and while I don’t think I got it exactly right it may be close enough and works pretty well I think! Thanks. 🙂

  4. No worries sis! It actually took about 2 hours over 3 consecutive days untill I could get it perfect! 😉

  5. Do check out The sister there has written an ebook which is a step by step photo guide on how to wear the hijab using rectangle and long scarves. There is a Syawal Sale until end of Oct where you can get the book for only US$5. It is really worth it.

    Also, the styles cover the chest really well.

  6. videos would help a lot better


    Zarasyed, I had a sister from send me a photo tutorial on the very example you have above. To anyone who did not understand her’s, here it is:

  8. i want to try wearing my hijab without wearing a cap i get rectangular ones someone told me how to tie it but it looks kinda big on me ive tried gettin smaller rectangular hijabs but that doesnt work either.any tips?


  10. in style no 2 what do you mean by pull frwrd?;)

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