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Gift Ideas for New Grads

Great Gift Ideas For Grads!The most common problem with graduation gifts is that most grads get duplicate or even triplicate gifts! Regardless of how profusely they thank you, no one really wants four suitcases or ten florescent ties.

Great Gift Ideas For Grads!After four years of midterms, finals, term papers, and an endless amount of coffee, your college (or high school) grad finally did it! They survived and have a framed diploma as a testament to their success. Now the pressure is on you to find that perfect gift to show how proud you are of their hard work. The most common problem with graduation gifts is that most grads get duplicate or even triplicate gifts! Regardless of how profusely they thank you, no one really wants four suitcases or ten florescent ties. The easy way out would be a card with a check inside. Instead, this graduation season, give your graduate something creative that will make his or her life more fun or easier to manage.

Check out our list of most popular and creative gift ideas:

  1. Resume Service: Granted, this isn’t the most exciting gift, but it stands to be the most useful. Recent graduates, at both the high school and college level, will definitely benefit from some help writing or polishing their resumes, which is very crucial to employment success, especially in the current economic climate. Here’s a bonus: Resume Edge and Resume Rabbit do occasionally provide coupons for new customers (often for $20 or more in savings).
  2. What Color Is Your Parachute by Richard Nelson Bolles: This is for that one college graduate we all know who is still not sure how to apply his or her major in the real world. Sure, such a graduation gift may be more practical than glamorous, but we all have to grow up at some point. What Color Is Your Parachute is the best selling career book of all time, as well as an undisputed classic in its own league among the category. It’s updated annually to address current trends in the job market.
  3. Career Gifts: Assuming the grad has both a great resume and a set career, you might as well help them settle into their new job. The possibilities can be endless; they probably would need a briefcase, leather portfolio, professional date book, or if they are close to you, a laptop! Having the necessary supplies is great, but nothing says professional like their clothes will. A gift certificate to a store that sells professional clothing and shoes will do wonders for the person.
  4. Grocery Card: You’re probably thinking, gift cards?! Take a deep breath and think this one over. Considering all the student loans they will have to pay off, college graduates may not have enough money for those everyday mundane purchases. Like groceries, for example. That’s why a grocery card makes the perfect gift. Receiving this gift will allow college graduates to worry about one less expense.
  5. Newspaper Subscription: Help keep both the newspaper industry and the minds of the grads alive. This is a great idea for both high school and college grads. Reading newspapers will help them feel more at home (if they’re moving away) and find activities and events going on around town. The newspaper’s website has delivery options; most often a subscription can be ordered right online.

Keep in mind that whatever graduation gift, or gifts, you give the graduate and the manner in which you do is not be as important to them as having you attend their graduation. Whether they are graduating from high school and attending college in the fall, or getting their degree and looking for work, very few achievements are as fulfilling and gratifying for students and their families. Taking the time to congratulate them and wish them well is just as important as finding the perfect gift.

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    love your ideas! i always just go for the pen and keychain 😛 career related things are a must and encouraging for the grad too!