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Travel Tips for the Momin

Travel is a part of everyday life. If travel is booked in advance, one can attempt to ascertain that Islam does not go out of focus during the time spent

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Prescription for Savings

It is no surprise that the healthcare system in America is woefully inadequate. It is currently run by insurance companies whose main goal is to make themselves as much money

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Staying Fit during Ramadan

Sleep deprivation is likely in the month of Ramadan, but it is still necessary to try to make allotments of time for sleep in order to maintain health, avoid weight

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Watch Those Eyes!

Many people feel they do not need to go to the eye doctor if they can see fine. This is a dangerous notion because there are many conditions – such

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Sleep, Grow, and Remember!

Sleep is seen as a time when we rest. It is thought to have developed in most animals as a way to be safe during the night, instead of wandering

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Some Tips on Flu Prevention

The time is coming, as it comes every year, but are we prepared? The present article aims to give you some idea as how to avoid getting or spreading the

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The Asanas of Prayer

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise these days. Aimed at nurturing the physical body whilst also calming the mind and spirit, it seems to be the

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Understanding Depression

The best treatment to any problem is to prevent it, and this is true for depression too. Some preventative measures include exercise, relaxation techniques to reduce stress, and a healthy

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Remembering Alzheimer’s

The gift of memory is a powerful gift which – when with us – allows us to relive moments over and over again. Yet, such a fragile gift’s significance is

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Staying Healthy in Ramadan

The way we have iftar also plays a huge role in maintaining our health. While it is the favorite part of the day for many, it is also one of

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