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Prescription for Savings

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A few helpful tipsThe cost of prescription medications can really add up, especially for those who need multiple medications. Big pharmaceutical companies run the show here and their goal is – you guessed it – to make as much money as possible. But there are some ways to keep the cost of medications down that don't take too much time

Staying Fit during Ramadan

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Exercising is best before or after the fast.Sleep deprivation is likely in the month of Ramadan, but it is still necessary to try to make allotments of time for sleep in order to maintain health, avoid weight gain, and maintain ability to perform required daily tasks while fasting.

Watch Those Eyes!

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How healthy are your eyes?Many people feel they do not need to go to the eye doctor if they can see fine. This is a dangerous notion because there are many conditions – such as glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors and macular degeneration, just to name a few – which can be detected by an eye doctor at an early stage and possibly even be prevented.

Sleep, Grow, and Remember!

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About 7-8 hours of sleep is optimal for most people.Sleep is seen as a time when we rest. It is thought to have developed in most animals as a way to be safe during the night, instead of wandering in the wilderness where predators can get to them. More than just that, over time it has become very important for memory development, recharging the body, and even growth in children.

Some Tips on Flu Prevention

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Prevention is better than cure!

The time is coming, as it comes every year, but are we prepared? The present article aims to give you some idea as how to avoid getting or spreading the dreaded flu this flu season.

The Asanas of Prayer

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Prayer brings about humbleness, calmness, hope, satisfaction and peace within the believerThe ironic part is that while we ignore prayer or take it lightly, many of us will pay a good sum of money to go for yoga classes in order to become 'healthier and more focused' individuals. If we only took the time to study and practice what Islam teaches us, we would begin to realize that there is truly nothing that is good for us which Allah has left out of our faith.

Understanding Depression

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Depression is often ignored in the Muslim community.

The best treatment to any problem is to prevent it, and this is true for depression too. Some preventative measures include exercise, relaxation techniques to reduce stress, and a healthy diet. All of those methods aid in preventing depression as well as many other mental and physical ailments.

To Vaccinate or Not?

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Vaccines boost our ability to fight off diseases.Like any medical procedure, side effects to vaccines also exist. Minor side effects such as rashes to more severe ones such as anaphylaxis can and do occur. With the flu vaccine, a person can end up getting mild flu-like symptoms, although the vast majority take the vaccine with no complications arising.

Remembering Alzheimer's

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Alzheimer's is common in the Muslim community as well. The gift of memory is a powerful gift which – when with us – allows us to relive moments over and over again. Yet, such a fragile gift's significance is only partially understood by the bystanders watching a loved one slowly drift into darkness, into a living blank slate.

Staying Healthy in Ramadan

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The way we have iftar also plays a huge role in maintaining our health. While it is the favorite part of the day for many, it is also one of the most harmful  as many of us eat so much in one sitting that we become extremely tired and lazy afterwards.

Headaches, Ouch!

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Some headaches can be mild, causing some tolerable discomfort, while other headaches can cause a pain so great that they have led people to commit suicide! Most of the time, headaches are not a cause for concern, except for the pain of course, while at other times they can be signs of serious problems.