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The Etiquette of a Guest

Often times in our lives we have stood and will stand in the position of a guest at the door of the host who could be a relative, friend, colleague,

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Instilling Modesty in Children

There is a not-so-subtle campaign aimed at having young girls dress in short, revealing clothing. In fact, a trip to a department store will quickly remind us that modesty is

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Pain at the Pump

Tire pressure should be checked regularly, as it can fluctuate with the outside temperature. It is important to make sure your tires are filled to their optimum pressure not only

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Dining Out: Convenient or Costly?

When we do decide to occasionally dine out, there are ways we can minimize the hit to our health. This idea may be blasphemy to some, but going to a

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To Rent Or To Buy?

From a person who has lived with his parents for many years and has saved a good amount of money to the student fresh out of college with massive student

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Time to Switch Banks?

Big banks have played a big part in the recent economic downturn. Giving out loans to people who have no qualifications, charging astronomical interest rates on credit cards, and receiving

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How Much Do You Really Make?

Let us say you have a friend who makes 20 dollars per hour. He tells you he seem to be struggling to make ends meet but he is not sure

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The Real Power Couples

Now that we have defined society’s view of a “power couple”, let’s go into what Islam’s view is. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) sums it

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Introducing Islam to Our Children

There are numerous traditions from the Imams that talk about teaching children the practices of religion, and about training children to perform these actions at a certain age and in

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Don’t Get Bitten by the Banks!

Many people stay with their big bank because that’s where they first opened up their account or it’s where their parents do their banking. This is no reason to stay