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Dare to Believe

Believe!Feel the magic in the fresh morning breeze smell the sweet scents of the spring. Hear God’s signs in the sweetly chirping birds see dewdrops on leaves so delicate and thin.

Believe!That everything will be all right
Dare to be happy
Even in the face of great plight
Dare to reach out
And touch everything with love
Dare to smile at life
And trust in the Lord above

It’s not always easy
When life falls apart
When things get crazy
Or people break your heart
It’s really testing
When the end seems nowhere in sight
But keep your heart’s eyes wide open
For sunrise follows every dark night

See there’s something about the sunlight
to brighten up your day
Something about the bristly soft grass
That tickles bare toes along the way
There’s something about the whispering wind
As it sweeps kites up so high
Something about the shades of blue and white
That are airbrushed in the sky

Hear that something in the deep ocean
That calls forward to touch it’s shore
Something about the mountains beyond
Beaconing a lofty purpose to do more
There’s something about running soft sand on our fingertips
That feels fleeting like time slipping by
And something about the sea breeze
Whispering encouragement to give our best a try

Feel the magic in the fresh morning breeze
Smell the sweet scents of the spring
Hear God’s signs in the sweetly chirping birds
See dewdrops on leaves so delicate and thin

And then there’s something about horses too
Just the way they look and feel
These gracious steeds a blessing
from God
To lift us off our heels
They can fly us to the heavens
Make one’s spirit soar with delight
All these beautiful signs for us on Earth
As with patience we strive towards His ethereal light

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