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What Does It Mean To Be Human? What does it mean to be human, and what choices do we make in life that that allow us to excel or stagnate?

What does it mean to be human?








I was created from earth, fashioned by water
I hold light in one hand, darkness in the other
Smokeless fire is my friend, enemy, and lover
Apathy is my weakness, ignorance is another
I slash my own kind with a sword, like a hot knife through butter
My very first sin, was to kill my own brother
I alter and change my body, turn it all into rubber
I scream curses at my dad, and disrespect my mother
I cannibalize flesh, as I gossip and mutter
I let my mind go to waste, throw it all in the gutter
Because I fill it with trash, like a messy desk full of clutter
I lose my direction, like a boat with no rudder
But there will come a day, when from fear I will shudder
I shall stand before God, but I can only mumble and stutter

I am Human

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    Masha’Allah! Keep it up the great work!

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