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Who is the one
who writes
the noble stuff
yet lives the
fake life?

Who is the one
who does well
in impressing others
but knows
he’s cheating himself?

Who is the one
Who is smart enough
To play the piety game
For long enough
without getting caught?

Who is the one
Who is yet
to perform that act
of true value
and perfect selflessness?

Who is the one
Who tells people
he’s no good
but they refuse to
believe him?

Who is the one
Who even when
talking about hypocrisy
still manages
to be a hypocrite?

Who is the one
Who knows
he would be better
without a tongue
yet speaks freely?

Who is the one
For whom anything
is too good
yet more and more
keeps coming to him?

Who is the one
Who acts like
He doesn’t fear
being raised on the day
With two tongues?

Who is that sad, sad soul
for whom
one must surely feel
an equal mix
of pity and revulsion?

You know exactly who

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