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I Dream

ImageNadir Amirali on the desire to meet those who have made al-Islam possible.








i dream of heaven sometimes
i dream of a voice putting me to sleep
i dream of floating
of flying, of drifting like a log along a river
indifferent to what crosses its path
indifferent to the end it will meet
i dream of being in the presence
of my Guides, my leaders
i dream of a day when I meet them
see their faces shine like moons
as they wait for me
next to the Heavenly Pool
and Muhammad says to me 

come to me, Nadir, come to me

and i embrace him
and i weep on his shoulder
and i tell him

Master, it was so hard for me to reach you
i almost denied you and oppressed you
And i almost turned my face away from you
i'm sorry, master, I’m sorry 

and he whispers words of comfort to me
and he kisses my forehead
and he says

come, nadir, come meet my family

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  • Javed Khan

    Wow, your poem is so inspirational. I am so happy to have read your poem.

  • Onaiza

    Insha Allah your dream will come true.