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In a World

ImageBrother Yahya Naqvi on the challenges we face in this world.


Yahya Naqvi







In a world of guided missiles
In a world of misguided men

Television is draining imagination
Media is enslaving a nation
Life is a competition, a ruthless race
Leaders are corrupt and without grace

Divided into many congregations
A political atmosphere of aberration
Sold-out tyrants with motives deranged
Few believers willing to fight for change

In a world of guided missiles
In a world of misguided men

Used to harassment and interrogation
Shutting our mouths with hesitation
Quicker than lightning, bombs hit the ground
Most victims are buried, but some aren't found

In need of help, but forgetting prostration
Closed hands from charitable donations
In difficult times God's help we should seek
He will provide victory in a time so bleak

In a world of guided missiles
In a world of misguided men

As the pendulum of justice begins to swing
Oppressors keep trying to pull more strings
Don't let mischief of the devil bring you down
For in a mighty river the pharaoh did drown

Keep up your fast and trust your prayer
There is an afterlife, so stay well aware
Times change and society transforms
A true believer always weathers the storm

In a world of guided missiles
In a world of misguided men

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  • Syed Mohammad Ali Naqvi

    Yahya this was a great poem. keep up the good work.

  • Mohammed A. Cherri

    Nice poem brother, may allah bless the hands and mind that type those letters!

  • HASAN FADHIL حسن فاضل

    My advice is to expand your poetry beyond the Muslim world. Thus, you would unite all minorities , such as blacks and Latinos to stand with the Arabs against any oppressive policy. [b]WHAT THEY SUFFERED IS WHAT WE ARE SUFFERING NOW[/b]

    [b][u]TWO STEPS TO DO IT:[/u][/b]

    1)[b]Find the suffering similarities between us and other minorities. You could relate for example [u]Guantanamo Detention[/u] with the [u]past Japanese Concentration Camps[/u]. You could also relate the [u]criminalization of Arabs[/u] with the [u]criminalization of Blacks[/u] in the media.[/b]

    2)[b]Most importantly, put the simple poetry in small flayers and spread them to all minorities (especially Blacks, Hispanics and Asians) in your university (could be Wayne State University).[/b]


  • Marium

    Mashallah you are very talented

  • Mazher Mirza

    Good job Yahya, keep up the good work. I really like your poems, it seems that you have put a great amount of thinking and effort into it.