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ImageBrother Nadim Amirali with beautiful poetry about controlling your destiny, your kingdom.








i used to rule the world
now every morning i feed the birds
i used to roam the roads
every night i'd ring a brand new bell

preparing for a mission to shoot away
far away, so far, so far away
preparing for a day as a shining star
shimmering in the lonesome sky

for some reason that i can't explain
there's somewhere i need to be
for some reason that i cannot name
there's someone i need to see

thumping my drum like a heartbeat
or beating my heart like a drum thump
every day is a roll of my life-dice
before the king calls me to the court

the trumpets are ringing so, so loud
the mirrors to your soul are shining
a day becomes a painful eternity
musk gliding in the merciless wind

i know the tunnels are endless
and the lights are far too bright
i know the moments are timeless
and the garden is beyond my sight

never all alone in this world
omeone will always call your name
never all the same in the world
something will always change

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