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Kodak Moments

Snapshot!A learned man, has come from afar, every word he speaks is a pearl. I must catch my camel, I can hardly wait to leave; And go share online!

Snapshot!A butterfly gently unfurls its wings…
The glory leaves you breathless, but only for a moment,
Package it, label it, post it online!

An innocent child, squinting in amazement at a crawling bug,
That’s so cute you gush, as you reach for your phone;
Upload and tag it, be right on time!

A drunkard man, being a fool; 
Such a waste of intellect and you shake your head.
Gently though,
So your video isn’t grainy,
MySpace and YouTube, all in real time!

A radiant bride has made her grand entrance,
Entranced by her beauty, everyone stands; 
Simultaneously reaching for their purses,
Before I send her a prayer,
The moment is mine!

A lush green forest, in the background a smoky blue mountain.
You want to exclaim,
But the moment is lost,
Ah well, I have it in bytes!

A learned man, has come from afar,
Every word he speaks is a pearl.
I must catch my camel,
I can hardly wait to leave;
And go share online!

At the sacred ground, I am brought to tears,
Am I really beholding the Ka’ba in my eyes?
Shush! I’ll call you after tawaaf!
Click! Hey I got a close up
…Allahumma Labbayk!

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  • syed H

    subhanallah! great poem. this is becoming all too common nowadays. people go to places with cameras in hand, worrying about getting the best shot but not taking the time to actually enjoy and ponder.