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My Master – Sayidi

ImagePoetry about the search for our master and creator, Allah.


Calligrpahy of Allah in Arabic






I searched for you in every corner of the earth, wet and dry,

Earnestly asking of your whereabouts,

Only I found that in my heart did you lie,
An intrinsic part of me that can never depart,

You are my pulsing heart, which without I die,
An everlasting spring of knowledge, so pure,

An oft-giving fountain that never goes dry,
A pure glittering reservoir, a source forever secure,

A glistening gem that glitters in an admirer's eye,
A prescribed medicine to my ailing heart, a cure,

A clear reflection of truth, a mirror that cannot lie,
Like the certainty of dawn, a universal truth, of which I'm so sure.

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  • H. Zaidi

    A really beautiful little poem. Good Job Abu Jasim. 🙂