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The Cry of a Toddler

A young child under the age of five
Struggles to fight for his innocent life

His only sin is the desire to find a place to stay
A safe haven and refuge where he can find peace everyday

But this world is so unjust that even a safe place is too much to ask for
This child has no choice but to drown to death along with his mother

His weak and small body is seen visible at the shores of the sea as a proof for all
Every conscience and human heart weeps rivers of tears and wishes that it responded to his call

“What was the sin that I committed?” cries this toddler
Perhaps the amount of space that he consumed in this universe was too much, I wonder!

It is the sad and tragic story of Aylan-Kurdi which represents the state of most refugees
Those who are displaced from their people, their homeland, and their countries

Is there any eye to see and ear to listen to this shameful narration?
It didn’t matter where the boy came from or what nation

Imam Ali (as) said humans are either your brothers in faith or equal in humanity
Yet humanity has failed drastically and has lost its sanity!

The story of this toddler indeed reminds us of the pain and agony of another young child
The youngest martyr of Karbala whose plight exceeds that of all plights

He is Ali Al-Asghar also known as Abdullah Al-Radhee’ (as)
The 6-month old son of Imam Husayn ibn Ali (as)

He gave up his life willingly and gave his neck for his father
If we were to listen to the story of Asghar (as), even Aylan-Kurdi would lament along with others

At least these refugees had some water from the sea before they went under
But the refugees of Karbala were left for days to suffer the pain of thirst and hunger

The 3-arrowed spear struck the tender neck of Asghar (as) without fail
Husayn (as) threw up the drops of his blood to the sky and it left no trail

Everytime we hear the story of a young baby, toddler, or child being oppressed or killed
Let us remember Ali Asghar (as) whose tale cannot be compared nor his mourning fulfilled

‘What was the sin that I committed?” cries the son of he who on Ashura was slaughtered
A cry which Ali Asghar (as) resonates on behalf of every oppressed child and toddler!


About Jerrmein Abu Shahba

Jerrmein, originally from Egypt and guided by the grace of Allah (SWT) to the truth path of AhlulBayt (AS), obtained her bachelors degree in Biology and masters in Chemistry. She contributed as a writer in the past for the Islamic Insights, AIM, Muslims4peace, and Voice of Unity magazines. Jerrmein volunteers as an editor for the al-Islam.org website, and translates Islamic literature.

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