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The Curtain of Light

Shaikh Ali Abu Talib

We lack the spiritual priorities that will put us on parity with the best friends of the Prophet. We lack that sincerity…
That spiritual polarity that is essential in order to engender the solidarity that made Muslim unity legendary.

Shaikh Ali Abu Talib

The Salat is the curtain separating belief from its contrary
This highly spiritual ritual has binary
Facets that are both compulsory, and voluntary.
Yet, both aspects of the Salat are prophetically customary,
Making both spiritual and social aspects vitally necessary.

Taking time out for prayer is an ordinary expression
of commitment and obedience to Allah
That the Creator of the permanent and the temporary
Commands for all conscientious Muslims.

But these days, the voluntary aspects of the Salat
Are considered arbitrary because most neglected, then forgot
That those things that are prophetically customary
Are spiritually, socially, economically, and politically necessary.

Our fervor is reserved for what is steeped in the monetary
Our group consciousness died, and our mosques are its mortuary.
So we pray by ourselves, quite a sad Momin commentary
Except on very holy days when it’s culturally customary.

We lack the spiritual priorities that will put us on parity
With the best friends of the Prophet. We lack that sincerity…
That spiritual polarity
That is essential in order to engender the solidarity
That made Muslim unity legendary.

We cherish this world and put the Hereafter as secondary
We go above and beyond to achieve what is temporary
But, we won’t heed the Prophet when what’s recommended is voluntary.
So we’re dominated by a system made by mankind’s chief adversary.

We’re proud of the past, but we’re stuck in the ordinary
We follow the blind and we run from the visionary
We send the bright one to study the religion at the seminary,
There he is trained as a speaker and an impotent functionary…
A raiser of funds, a spiritual mercenary
Not a leader of men, rather a spiritual revolutionary
Who sees God’s plan clearly; a clear-sighted visionary.

This poem’s a challenge to think and act like a revolutionary
Arise from your laziness, and revolve towards God’s Sanctuary.
You’re being called to participate in something extraordinary;
The use of your right to become God’s beneficiary
By congregating daily, not devotional solitary.
Arise and take charge; perform what is voluntary
Because you know that God’s Guidance is perfect and planetary
Though you live in The West, God’s Guidance is luminary.

I pray that this work moves you to act like a dignitary
One of high rank and breeding in the Creator’s Own military
From the office of the Prophet, a prayer-raising missionary.

So nix all excuses, plan and act like a revolutionary
Act like you see God, like you are the Prophet’s contemporary.
Revolutionize your consciousness, conscience and behavior;
Arise from your slumber, and become your own savior.

O Allah!
Make us pray five prayers each day together
In good times, in bad times, and in all kinds of weather.

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