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The Leader of the Flock

ImageShaikh Ali Abu Talib with beautiful poetry about the prinicples of Imam Ali [as] and why many Muslims refused to accept his successorship.


Artist’s Depiction of Imam Ali [as]









His partisans were "low class", and poor;
But history repeatedly shows us for sure
They were Unchallengeable Warrior/Saints, and Sages;
Chaste souls, with minds like encyclopedic pages.

So think about this, and reflect on it,
For here lies the real reason for the split.
They chose not to elect him because he dressed like a "bum".
He was way "too young",
and he hung out with "riff raff", foreigners, and "scum".

And he most certainly would never succumb
For a bit of a part, or the whole "dagumed" sum
Of the special interest good-old-chums' collective "Money Bag".
Plus, he was always a super "drag", because he'd nag, nag, nag;

Singing the same old sanctified song,
About doing what's right, and shunning what's wrong.
Now! Who didn't want "The Leader" to be Spiritually Strong?
But not so strong that he'd plunge the whole nation headlong
Into classless egalitarian, Holy Austerity;
Destroying advantage, moving towards unilateral parity.

So They Took Some Polls! (More accurately,
they stole them before we could protest.)
Then they arbitrarily reversed moral polarity,
making north, south and east, west,
Thus electing a "chum" who wasn't even close to "The Best".
He was a good "old" boy none-the-less, a real nice guy.
Problem! When it came time for "the flock" to spiritually fly,
Mr. Nice Guy's projection
was based on their false sense of direction.
And a rechange of that false direction
would spark a deadly serious defection.

So now "the flock" flies north for the winter
to the Siberian Tundra,
And south for the summer somewhere in Southern Arabia.
But their leader's a "prince" and dresses to kill.
He "hangs" with "big wigs" and "blue bloods", but yet, and still
"The flock" is "flying" in the wrong direction;
away from God's will.

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  • Yahya

    Masha’Allah, this poem is soothing to the heart