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The Power of Choice – Humanity’s Challenge

Shaikh Ali Abu Talib

I know that you’re very busy
This dizzy, modern money-based pace has us all in a tizzy.
But take a deep breath, and relax.
Prepare yourself to entertain some facts
That transcend commerce, contracts,
And mundane political yackety-yak

Shaikh Ali Abu TalibI know that you’re very busy
This dizzy, modern money-based pace has us all in a tizzy.
But take a deep breath, and relax.
Prepare yourself to entertain some facts
That transcend commerce, contracts,
And mundane political yackety-yak
Which tend to tempt and distract
Your God-given immortal soul
From realizing that God’s service and worship is its ultimate goal.

Just open your mind and free it from thoughts of the rat racing maze
And dare to focus and transcendentally gaze
On some of the most important lessons in these Last Days.
Our topic is the Holy Prophet Muhammad and his divinely guided ways.

For many of you this topic is totally new.
For others this will be an entertaining review.
No matter. All must agree that in order to flee
From ignorance and be mentally free,
We must open our eyes and scrutinize in order to see with certainty
What really is our top priority.

Is it character or dollar bills?
Is it contesting to see who has the strongest wills?
Is it virtuous behavior towards one’s fellow men?
Or is it at all costs maintaining the upper hand?

Naturally, we all want to think that we are the good guys,
and that the contested-with “other” was made to despise.
We believe what we love is good, and what we hate is bad.
That our way leads to happiness, and “theirs” makes one sad.
That our Mamas rode this train and our Daddies road that bus.
Isn’t this why we ride the same vehicle of thought as those who birthed us?

Most of our parents did the best that they could.
They taught us how to distinguish the bad from the good.
But even the society they grew up in was misguided from the start.
And that’s what we’re used to, that’s what’s close to our heart.

Our society’s not perfect. In fact, which society is?
Only God’s way is perfect, none other is like His.
His way is the way of humble submission.
Which acknowledges guilt with heartfelt contrition.

It is the natural goal of each immortal soul to strive towards perfection.
It takes an unearthly ambition, and profound introspection
To want Christ-like uprightness, with steadfast rejection
of flawed cultural heritage, covered up by sickening sweet confection.

Confection is sweet, but sugar decays.
Yet cultural connection most often delays
The extraction of rot, until the pain is too great.
But do you eliminate
The source of the sweet induced rot once the pain does abate?

Or do you keep eating the confection, ignoring the price?
Do you keep seeing the norm of rotten culture as nice?
Will you tear down the idol of your own status quo?
Will your reason tell falsehood that it has to go?

Most times not. We institute the rot
And the poison confection that caused that painful black spot.
Most of us have seriously forgotten
How we got so decadent and rotten.

The 60’s sexual movement broke many folks’ hearts.
Splitting the nuclear family into de-atomized parts.
Young folks are incited to fornicate but forbidden to marry.
So if you fornicate and procreate you can legally bury
the small human you chose to kill rather than carry.
But God forbid that teen women should, that early, marry!

But there is worse – the source of this societal curse.
He Who commands things to exist by simply saying “Be”,
The Creator Who manifests reality for those with sight to see
is thought to be in a relation with man as an incarnated entity.
Our people are thus trapped in hubristic modernity.

We prioritize our ego – the brute, selfish self
That strives for status and sex and power and wealth.
Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike fall into this error.
And stand ready to guard it with mechanical terror.

But God gave us an Ark to escape from The Flood
To pull us up out of the quick sand, and clean off the mud.
So please, sit back and read. Open your mind and unwind.
You might be pleased and surprised to like what you find.

The great hallowed Prophet and the message he brought,
From God, by the angels, and the lessons they taught,
Confirm the wisdom your ancestors taught you.
Your Creator’s great message that the final Prophet brought you.

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