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ImageYahya Naqvi at work once again in his though-provoking poem about the victors of Karbala.


Yahya Naqvi







What is victory?
Where is victory?

Victory is Ashura
Victory is in Karbala

Victory is an empty cradle
The youngest soldier
The thirstiest martyr
Ali Asghar is victorious

Victory is Hassan's letter
Hussain's nephew
Death, sweeter than honey
Qasim is victorious

Victory is Fajr's Adhaan
Reminder of the Prophet
Leader of the youth
Ali Akbar is victorious

Victory is under the Flag
The flag of truth
Held by the most honorable
Abbas is victorious

Victory is in Prostration
Of the most obedient
Of the most oppressed
Of the most loved servant
Of the most loyal servant
Under the barrage of arrows
In the heat of the sun
Hussain is victorious

Victory is in Chains
With the women of the household
With the weary orphans
With Hussain's little darling
With a grave in Damascus
With Ali ibn Hussain
With defiance in the court
With Islam's Princess
With her will
With her conviction
With her caravan
Zainab is victorious

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  • masooma

    Br Yahya, beautiful poem. when we first think of karbala we associate it with the word “tragedy” and indeed it was a tragic event – but your poem remind us that their spirit, lesson, and unwavering stance for justice was truly a victory and a victory for the followers of the ahlul bayt and Islam. Victorious torch alive by practicing the deen of Husain’s grandfather and father. The structure of your poem makes us realize that each and everyone that day did not commit mere sacrifices but supreme acts of faith. Each hardship endured, the trials faced in Shaam, and the lives lost in Karbala are symbols of courage and truth. Let us aspire to emulate their victorious path.