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Night 8: From Najaf to Karbala, The Walk That Set Me Free

When I took a pen and wrote freedom on an empty page of my notebook, I stopped for while and kept staring at the word I had just scribbled. Freedom

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What We Have Become

In a world that tends to become more materialistic with each passing day, poverty is often defined and understood as an economic and financial state in which a person or

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The Orientalist in His Ivory Tower

For over a century, Eurocentric orientalists, living in ivory towers, decided to take up a sustained interest in Islam. These men labored diligently for decades, studying, researching, and writing tons

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A Thorn in the Meadow: My Journey to the Hawza

In 2011, the year before I embarked on my journey to the Islamic Seminary in Lebanon, a friend of mine convinced me to join him at the mosque for a

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Straight A Students

Education is not to be defined by a letter grade system. Teaching is a strategic task in which the audience must be known, and assessing the students can be done

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Redefining the Significance of Education

Seeing the snapshots of a hungry child, or an orphan girl, or a boy of eight years selling snacks in the streets really is truly heartbreaking, but one must act

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Financial Advice for College Grads

For all the focus on money and products in this capitalistic society, it is curious that basic financial advice is not really emphasized in high school or universities. Sure, those

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Zero-Tolerance Policy Creates School-to-Prison Pipeline

Schools across the nation are increasingly adopting punitive measures as a way to control and deter violence and other disruptive behaviors. These “zero-tolerance” policies can encompass anything from metal detectors

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Paying Your Way Through College

Unlike almost all other forms of debt, for student loans there is no statute of limitations on collections, and protections such as the Truth in Lending Act, Fair Debt Collection

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Road to Success: Setting Goals

We are all trying to achieve greatness and push our personal limits in all fields of life. We always strive to be the best we can in school, work, family