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Jabir ibn Hayyan; Scientist and Student

This is the first article of a series that will be focused on influential Muslim scientists. To see if any other articles have been uploaded, search the tag or keywords

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Parenting and the Cyber World

It’s the technology age – we hear and read this everywhere. Even our kids tell it to us. From keeping in touch with relatives across the globe and getting free

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Facebook: Bulldozing the Social Landscape?

Facebook isn’t meant to replace real life or actual social interaction, and I don’t think many people think of it as an alternative. Everyone realizes it’s an addition, a plus,

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There’s an (Islamic) App for That

Many Qur’an apps are hard to navigate, but this one makes it easy while offering tons of features. You can look up any verse from any chapter instantly, with the

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Divine Wrath Goes Techno?

A god who monitors cyberspace to see which of his net-minions passes on a specific mail is not a god worth worshipping. Allah’s will cannot be not confined to the

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Finding the Right Match-Making Site

Some studies suggest nearly 1 out of 5 marriages now occur between people who first met online, but there are apparently no studies that have looked specifically at Muslim marriages.

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Top Five News and Analysis Websites

With this increase in popularity comes an influx of news websites reporting hundreds of stories daily. However, while the amount of websites has increased, their biases have also, and it’s

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Cyber Misinformation: Think Before You Hit “Forward”

Rarely do we ever think to check the veracity of the stories before passing them on. We enjoy disparaging a “bad guy” so much that we don’t even question if

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Technology Rising: A Look Back at the Last Ten Years

In 1999, people wore worried about the millennium bug. For those too young to remember, some were worried that at the turn of the new millennium, all the computerized clocks

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Facebook Foolish or Cyber-Gheebat?

Facebook has a tendency to change a lot of views, shape a lot of opinions, and make apparent what people otherwise do not reveal. But is it Gheebat when you

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