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Night 8: From Najaf to Karbala, The Walk That Set Me Free

When I took a pen and wrote freedom on an empty page of my notebook, I stopped for while and kept staring at the word I had just scribbled. Freedom

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To the Youth in Western Countries

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful To the Western youth, The bitter events brought about by blind terrorism in France have, once again, moved me to speak

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Treading the Path to Paradise; the Meshaya

Every year, as the weeks and days close in on the blessed day of Arba’een, the fortieth day of mourning of Imam al-Husayn’s (as) martyrdom, millions of visitors flock to his

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Community Event: Candlelight Vigil in Austin, TX

The events of Karbala are more than just words on the page in a history book and the sobering tragedy that occurred on the day of Ashura (the tenth of Muharram)

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Ramadan: A Social Equalizer

The world is full of miseries and pains. One of the greatest pains is the feeling of hunger. There are millions on the global level who suffer starvation and who

Freddie Gray, the Riots, and the Media

The riots in Baltimore have been difficult to follow, let alone understand by standards of the news–labels and categories have already been given to the rioters, there hasn’t even been

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Toronto Textbook Controversy and the Media Circus

Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi, resident scholar of the ISIJ who has been at the face of the issue, has assured the wider community that an internal review is underway to determine

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The Question of Religious Identity

A recent article by The Independent’s Robert Fisk about racism in Arab countries has given fresh impetus to debates regarding racism within not just in Arab countries, but the Muslim

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It’s a Girl!

When we analyze history, we will find that there are numerous occasions where the female offspring have brought special honor to the family till the end of time. For example,

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You’re Married…Now What?

Newly married couples should definitely take advantage of marriage counseling from a religious scholar or even from secular sources in order get help in meeting the challenges of marriage. There