Dearborn Area Muslims Hold Unity Picnic

Unity Picnic
Over 2,000 Muslims and Arab-Americans from the Dearborn area came together yesterday at Dearborn’s Ford Field for the Second Annual Muslim Unity Picnic. The event ran from 11 am to 7 pm and offered attendees a number of fun-filled activities.

Organizers and volunteers worked tirelessly in the months preceding the event to make sure it went off without a hitch. Attendees were served a delicious BBQ menu made up of American and Middle Eastern cuisine and participated in activities for all ages, including arts and crafts, moonwalks, dunk tanks, and sporting contests.

Event Organizer Hajj Mohamed Beydoun was worried initially that turnout for the event would be low because of the rain forecast for the day. It did rain sparsely for the first few hours of the event, and this may have kept participants from coming out early for the picnic.

Over 30 sponsors helped in making the picnic a success, and organizers said that virtually everyone they approached agreed to help in any way they could. From financial contributions to loaning equipment, labor, or food, the community came through.

Event organizers made a strong effort to reach out to all aspects of the Muslim community. But more work could have been done to reach out, conceded Beydoun. Nonetheless, the event was a big improvement on the previous year. The city of Dearborn was also very cooperative, and Beydoun had great praise for them.

Afternoon prayers was well-attended and led by Shaikh Muhammad Ali Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights.

Leftover food and other items were donated to a local food bank and were distributed that evening by Bayt al-Zahraa.

“Overall, the goal of providing an opportunity for our community to come together in a positive function was achieved,” said Beydoun. "Insha'Allah we also were able to personify a positive Islamic image as well."

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