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Access to Education and the Muslim World

Education is one of the most indispensable issues for all social reformers and policy makers. No breakthrough is possible without educating man and making him capable of acquiring basic cognitive

Nepal: Understanding Tragedy and Lending a Helping Hand

On April 25th, 2015, an earthquake struck Nepal just before noon local time followed by nearly two dozen aftershocks, including a magnitude-6.6 aftershock an hour afterwards. Hospitals were overflowing with

Palestine: A New Tide of Support

From newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s promise that he will not allow a free Palestine to the United Nations report stating more Palestinian civilians were killed in 2014

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The World’s Largest Open-Air Gulag

Have you heard much lately about the 1.5 million Palestinians illegally imprisoned by the Israeli government in the world’s largest open-air Gulag? Their dire living conditions, worsened by a selective

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Bahrain: One Year On

Any country seen as legitimately striving for independence finds itself on the receiving end of military intervention and total destruction under the age old mantra of democracy and human rights.

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Ayatollah Muhammad Shahabadi and Ayatollah Ali Milani Pass Away

Two respected scholars and jurists of the Muslim world passed away last recently. Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Shahabadi returned to his Lord on Saturday, January 7, whereas Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Milani

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The Bahrain Uprising in Numbers

Statistics from the Bahraini Uprising that will help understand why the population of Bahraini is standing up to the ruling family in power.

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Syria: A Few Lingering Questions

Very little is known about the movement to overthrow the Syrian regime aside from the clear foreign backing it receives. Are the protestors aligned with this movement? How many opposition

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Held Hostage by Wahabism

The Wahabis have shown little remorse over destroying the graves in the Baqi graveyard. They have drawn fences and barriers around the leveled graves of the greatest personalities in Islamic

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Ayatollah Ahmed Dashti Returns to His Lord

Ayatollah Dashti was admitted to the Fatima Zahra Hospital in his native Bushehr, where he passed away on Tuesday. Following a funeral procession in Bushehr, his body was taken to