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Linking Youth with Ulema

One of the great blessings of Islam is the presence of religious guides, or Ulema, in our communities. Religious scholars devote many years of their lives to studying Islamic history, philosophy, jurisprudence, and hadith in order to better understand the message and guide their communities. Unfortunately, it is often seen …

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Allama Hilli – Part II

Allama Hilli was among the foremost scholars to acquaint the people of Iran with Shi’ism. With his witty first appearance at King Oljaitu’s palace, he managed to make a deep impression on the king regarding Shi’ism. Eventually, he embraced the True Path and changed his name to Khudabanda (God’s servant). …

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Allama Hilli – Part I

The king stared in utter shock, while the courtiers attempted to stifle their laughter. The man from the South had entered the king’s palace, but instead of customarily leaving his shoes outside, he instead clutched them under his arms. He walked straight up to the king and stared him right …

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