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Mawla: Friend or Guardian?

Studying the old lexical, literal, and commentary texts shows that Mawla means “guardian”, “being more appropriate than the believers”, and “having more authority upon the believers than themselves”. Some statements in which Mawla is used with these meanings are as follows: Abu Ubaydah Ma’mar ibn Mathna has explained the meaning …

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Ask the Experts

“If after the occultation of your Qa’im there were not to remain a person from amongst the scholars who: invite towards him (the Imam); guide others to him; defend his religion by the proofs of Allah; rescue the downtrodden servants of Allah from the snares of Satan and his hoards …

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Allama Hilli – Part II

Allama Hilli was among the foremost scholars to acquaint the people of Iran with Shi’ism. With his witty first appearance at King Oljaitu’s palace, he managed to make a deep impression on the king regarding Shi’ism. Eventually, he embraced the True Path and changed his name to Khudabanda (God’s servant). …

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Allama Hilli – Part I

The king stared in utter shock, while the courtiers attempted to stifle their laughter. The man from the South had entered the king’s palace, but instead of customarily leaving his shoes outside, he instead clutched them under his arms. He walked straight up to the king and stared him right …

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