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Jahiliyya Today

The message of Islam started over 1400 years ago and it came as the complete religion that governs the social, economic, and political systems of humans. The era preceding the message of Islam was one of the most important eras to study. It is that era that Islam fought first …

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Recognizing Our Real Fathers

At this time of the year, many celebrate Father’s Day to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices, efforts, and love which our parents give to us without asking for any reward or return. The concept of honoring our parents has been heavily emphasized in the Holy Qur’an as well as traditions …

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Mawla: Friend or Guardian?

Studying the old lexical, literal, and commentary texts shows that Mawla means “guardian”, “being more appropriate than the believers”, and “having more authority upon the believers than themselves”. Some statements in which Mawla is used with these meanings are as follows: Abu Ubaydah Ma’mar ibn Mathna has explained the meaning …

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