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Welcoming the Holy Months!

We are finally heading into the beautiful months of Rajab, Shaban and, soon inshAllah, Ramadan. The beginning of this season always puts a pep in the step of all Muslims. Fellow Muslims are partaking in the holiness of these months by fasting, saying extra prayers, doing ihtekaaf, (worship in seclusion) etc. But when …

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Eid: A Day of Return

The word eid has its origin in the Arabic term ‘awd’ which means to return. In this sense, Eid is the day of return of man towards his Lord. After passing through the holy month of Ramadan in which a believer purifies his soul, he may find his original fitra, or …

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Ramadan’s Message of Friendship

“Ramadan Al-Kareem Mubarak!” “Sister, please bring your family to my home for Iftar tonight!” With the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, there comes a common attitude which lingers among friends and families within the local community – the trend of extending, strengthening, and building on relationships with our …

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