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Jabir ibn Hayyan; Scientist and Student

This is the first article of a series that will be focused on influential Muslim scientists. To see if any other articles have been uploaded, search the tag or keywords

The First Defender of Husayn

When the ninth of Dhu al-Hijjah comes by, we commemorate the occasion of the Day of Arafah where pilgrims from all over the world perform their Hajj rituals. However, many of us forget that the ninth of Dhu al-Hijjah also marks a very important occasion; it is the martyrdom anniversary

The Fifth of the Scintillating Lights

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir is the fifth of the scintillating lights of the AhlulBayt (as). He was known as al-Baqir al-uloom, the one who splits knowledge, meaning to disperse and share the knowledge endowed from past Imams (as) and Prophets (as). He was the splitter of knowledge; unravelling the mysteries of

The Etiquette of a Guest

Often times in our lives we have stood and will stand in the position of a guest at the door of the host who could be a relative, friend, colleague, or other members of our community. Sometimes the frequency of us being guests or knowing the host very well makes

A Successful Union

It goes without saying that the marriage of Imam Ali (as) and Sayyida Fatima (as) was a perfect union from the time of its inception until their fateful deaths. The beauty of their marriage lies not only on the pious status of the elevated and immaculate individuals but in the

The Cry of a Toddler

A young child under the age of five Struggles to fight for his innocent life His only sin is the desire to find a place to stay A safe haven and refuge where he can find peace everyday But this world is so unjust that even a safe place is

Marriage, and Matters of the ‘Islamic’ Heart

A two-part series – part II of which explores the matters of the ‘Islamic’ heart. Part I can be read here.  “Your Lord has not forsaken you, nor has He become displeased,” (93:3) reads the holy Qu’ran, although on the long and weary journey that can occasionally become the search for an

Visiting Imam Ridha (as)

Growing up, my summers were filled with annual trips to Iran to visit my family and experience this culture I was born into, but for as long as I could remember, the memories surrounding my visits to the shrine of Imam Ridha (as) in Mashad were faint. I knew I

Travel Tips for the Momin

Travel is a part of everyday life. If travel is booked in advance, one can attempt to ascertain that Islam does not go out of focus during the time spent away through preparation. So, whether it is a leisure or work related visit, there are a few pointers that may

Fatima’s Message

Fatima al-Zahraa is beyond human comprehension–her story is too lofty for my pen but I write with wishes and hope I can attain a fraction of her heart’s recognition These words do no justice to the Lady of Light but I write with every ounce of my heart and hope