From Cemetery to a Holy Sanctuary

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A piece of land not like any other, a cemetery carrying saints none like any other

Situated in the holy city of Madina signifying a piece of Paradise

Surprising it is not that this land is called Jannatul Baqee

Today we gather on the 8th of Shawwal to make this sanctuary free

Free from the hands of the Saudi extremists who demolished the holy graves in the year 1925

We stand here to defy the forces that’s determined to kill their remembrance rather set them alive

Graves demolished, emblems abolished

Burial sites crushed, the remnants of the Prophet’s family flushed

Relevant Islamic history is now a mystery

The purified progeny has suffered so much injury!

Our Holy Imams in that space they now lay

Their gravesites without proper display

They have suffered every type of injustice from birth to death even till today

We cry and pray for the rebuilding of Jannatul Baqee

Yes, Paradise it is for it carries the remnants of 4 infallible Leaders

Al Mujtaba, Wal Sajjad, Al Baqir, Was-Sadiq

Zahra (as) all alone her resting abode remains unknown

Sadly the Baqee cemetery has become a restricted zone

Limited visitation causing frustration

We present our complaint in every occasion

Prayers regulated, worshippers segregated

Women and sisters not allowed and their privacy invaded

Momineen pushed and hushed, indeed they have broken the Prophet’s trust

You can’t do this you can’t do that, the situation is full of disgust

Enveloped with sadness Oh Imam Zaman help us in this madness

“Times up let’s shut the gates!” The believers in lines still wait with patience.

Bid’ah…Bid’ah…innovation innovation…they repeatedly say

Shirk…Shirk…go away….go away….we say to them…

To love and pay respects to your holy guides is Not an innovation

Bid’ah is to belittle the Prophet’s family and bring down their station

Shirk is not to kiss or embrace a grave nor it is to build a shrine

Shirk is to idolize others and put aside the Imams who represent the Straight Line

If you claim that the Quran forbids the building over graves

I present to you the example of the People of the Cave

If you tell me embracing the remains of a human being is Shirk of Allah

I tell you in the Holy book it clearly says that one must respect the Sha’er of Allah

The ayah says, For Whoever respects the signs of Allah, it surely is from devotion of the hearts

But your hearts have turned into stone hence you desire to break His message apart

If you kiss the Black Stone and embrace the footsteps of Nabi Ibraheem around the Ka’ba

Then don’t be surprised that the graves of Prophets and noble ones are honored by Allah

If the shirt of Yusuf was able to cure the eyes of his father Yaqoob

Then why is it so strange that the dust beneath Husain’s grave does miracles even for you!

If you tell me ask Allah directly no need to seek a middle man

I tell you Muhammad prayed beHaqq Ali and Abbas prayed beHaqq al Husain

If you think by attacking the Askareyayn shrine the Zuwaar would be no more

I say you are so wrong today pilgrims flock in every season to knock on their Door

If you try to put out the light of AhlulBayt with all your might

Allah says try as you can you will never put out their divine light

Today we call to preserve the burial place of great personalities without whom the history of Islam is incomplete

In hot, cold, and rain we stand and will not give up till we get swollen feet

To the Wahhabi extremist we send this message today and tell you without regret

Stop the aggression on the Prophet’s family and them you must respect

Stop violence and discrimination against the lovers of AhlulBayt

Enough sponsoring terrorists and killing innocent Muslims with such hate

Stop buying weapons of destruction to use in Syria and Yemen, and let’s not forget Bahrain

With every bullet and every bomb, your ignorant actions increase our suffering and pain

Enough with your puppet behavior and blind alliance with the Zionist regime

We understand very well who controls you and see through your filthy scheme

The Zionist God you worship is not the God we worship

With money you sell your values and bend to your corrupted leadership

Yet nothing can make us give up or fear from achieving our noble goal

The Prophet’s family is indeed the essence of our soul

In patience we seek and await the reappearance of our Awaited Imam

He will bring justice to this world, free every holy land be it al-Quds or Al-Baqee and revive the pure Islam

By Allah, wait and see but wait not long for one day so near our dream will come to be

This cemetery before you will turn into a holy sanctuary!

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Jerrmein Abu Shahba

Jerrmein Abu Shahba, originally from Egypt and guided by the grace of Allah (swt) to the truth path of AhlulBayt (as), obtained masters in Chemistry and is a Clinical Research Scientist by profession. She contributes as a writer for different Islamic magazines including AIM, Muslims4peace, The Muslim Vibe, and Stand with Dignity. Jerrmein volunteers as an editor for the al-Islam.org website and translates Islamic literature to propagate the teachings of AhlulBayt (as) and serve in any capacity possible.

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