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Islamic Insights is a publication of The Awaited One Foundation

Editorial Board

Bilal Dabaja

Aseel Machi

Guest Ulema


Managing Editor, Aseel Machi

Publisher, Bilal Dabaja

Co-Editor and Writer, Amir Mahdi Ghafarian

Social Media Manager, Amina Khan

Contributing Scholars

Shaykh Hussayn El-Mekki

Shaykh Hamza Sodagar (past)

Hajj Muhammad Legenhausen (past)

Sayyid Baqir Imrani (past)

Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi (past)

Shaykh Saleem Bhimji (past)

These are the scholars who have previously contributed or are currently contributing on daily basis. We also have several scholars around the world who have done “one-time” submissions.

Our History

Islamic Insights was founded by a group of young active Muslims in February of 2007 out of concern that there was a need for a holistic news and lifestyle publication inspired by the ideals of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad’s Household (peace be upon them all).

From the very beginning, a core principle driving Islamic Insights has been a desire to transcend rivalries and prejudices within the broader North American community. For this reason, the publication has always sought to keep an open hand extended to all organizations, activists, clergy members, and religious authorities, but at the same time maintain independence.

Islamic Insights started out as a humble 8-page black and white bi-weekly, sized as an 8 ½ x 11 newsletter, produced with Microsoft Publisher. Later, IslamicInsights.com was also created, generating valuable exposure towards the holistic approach inspiring the writers and editorial board. By now, Islamic Insights had very much grown beyond being a publication only for people of Dearborn, Michigan where it was first based. Agreements and contracts to use syndication pieces by several organizations, which can be found on our syndication page, including AhlulBayt Islamic Mission were also secured at this time. More writers have joined the effort as well, seeking to express and debate the issues which affect them most as North Americans. The effort has now spread worldwide and is regularly accepts submissions from all over the world.


To contact the publisher, email info at islamicinsights dot com

To contact the editor, email  editor at islamicinsights dot com

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