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Clergy Corner

Fear or Love God?

If we examine the matter closely, we will notice that in all our actions and reactions fear, love, and hope are combined to various degrees. Although in some cases one of these factors might be the dominant and there is not always an equal balance, their coexistence is inevitable.

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Humility When Speaking

The writer and great narrator of hadith, Shaikh Hurr al-Amuli in his book Wasail ash-Shia [1], has narrated numerous traditions concerning the responsibility that a Muslim has and the way that he must interact with other people. He has narrated traditions from the Noble Prophet and the Ahlul Bayt (peace …

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Is Death the End?

Most people fear death. Why? Death has always been imagined to be a great, frightening monster, and just thinking about it takes away the sweetness of life. Not only do they fear the word ‘death’, but they also hate the word ‘cemetery’, and they try to forget about its basic …

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The Divine Banquet

Calling the Qur’an a banquet has so much sweetness in it that, despite being comprehensible, is inexpressible. However much you seek closeness to the Holy Qur’an, you have in reality become near to the perfect human being. Hence, reflect on what extent you benefit from the Holy Qur’an.

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Coping with Cancer

From the Islamic point of view, man is created for eternity in hereafter, and death is not annihilation; rather, it is a bridge from here to a more advanced stage of life. The example of here and hereafter is similar to the world of a womb for a fetus and …

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Five Good Qualities

How painful it is for a person that he knows (right from wrong); however, he does not have the ability to prevent himself (from sinning). It is our belief that for that time period when one does not know and commits sins, it is possible that he may not have …

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