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Clergy Corner

A Warning to King Abdullah

In the name of Allah, the All-Beneficent, the All-Merciful Sincere Advice Mr. Abdullah ibn Abdul-‘Aziz May Peace and Mercy be Upon You According to your order to not address you as “King”, I have addressed you in this message as: Brother! You are not more than an individual human among …

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Accepting Reality

We must accept the reality or truth, as it does not matter whether it is in our interest or against us. We must never imagine the reality to be always in our favor. Every person should have a lens that can show him the facts honestly, and he too should …

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Patience in Obedience to God

All duties and compulsory obligations are accompanied with some headaches and inconveniences, or in other words, they demand some amount of effort and involvement (positive or negative), which are at odds with the easy-going and comfort-loving nature of human beings. Starting from the personal compulsory religious obligations such as prayers …

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The Light of Wakefulness

There is well-known dictum that scholars of ethics and gnosis remind us, regarding those who have gone into the slumber of negligence and need to wake up. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his progeny) is reported to have said: “People are asleep; when they die, they would …

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14 Lessons from Karbala

Humanity has been provided with many lessons to learn from the events at Karbala. It is a source of divine enlightenment and a true road to the salvation of mankind. Don’t Accept Humiliation In one of his speeches, Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) said that the authorities in Kufa …

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