Farewell Abbas

Abbas TalevskiBrother Mohammed Cherri with a beautiful poem about the loss of a great friend.

Abbas TalevskiI can’t forget that unmistakable glimmer reflected in his eyes,

Peering into the not so far distance,
As if staring upon heaven beyond the sky,
Not for a second doubting its existence,

Reaffirming what rested entrenched firmly in his heart,
Feet grounded with strength and solitude,
Like a proud emblem, a majestic banner held,
Truth in tight embrace at every instance,

Abbas, your name, was well selected,
Like “Qamar Bani Hashem”, you were our brother,
A lantern of wisdom in bleak nights,
Loyal, our steady backbone, with which we stand heads raised high,

Your memory in our hearts is forevermore inscribed,
A perfect example of resilience in adversity,
Eloquent in speech, wisdom laden, and principle imbibed,
A testament to enduring faith when lesser hearts would fall apart,

Those who struggle for Allah’s sake,
A promise to them in the Quraan Allah has made,
A covenant with the mighty Lord these men did take,
Selfless service to be rewarded by his gentle grace,
An unparalleled reward, from one benevolent and great,

Abbas our hearts at your departure weep and ache,
Mathloum, oppressed, we your family, are here for you to commemorate,
You were suddenly severed from the thirsty hearts that yet await,
The return of the lonely water bearer, buried alone at the edge of a river bank,

Abbas today we send you our final salaam,
Your brothers stand here; we haven’t left your side,
Brother, today this calamity has torn us apart,
But know that soon we too from this earth will depart,
A promise guaranteed in the Quraan, Engeel and Toraat.

Asalamu alaikum Abbas.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please recite a Surat al-Fatiha for the soul of Br. Abbas Talevski, who recently passed away at a very young age.

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  • Zeinab

    i hope your in the best place possible, the place we all dream of after death..
    great people are rewarded in the end. i cannot imagine what your family is
    going through seeing their young son pass away. allah will hopefully put patience
    in the hearts of your family and friends. you will not regret dying a muslim, it is the best
    thing you have probably ever done your entire life. your friends & family must
    care so much about you to make memorials burials and funeral ceremonies for you.
    you are blessed and deserve the best. allah yerhamak & take good care of you.
    This poem was made for you by someone that must care so much about you & you
    deserve it. you will always be in our hearts. i love you and will continue to miss you
    until we meet again

  • Ali Y

    “Of the believers are men who are true to the covenant which they made with Allah: so of them is he who accomplished his vow, and of them is he who yet waits” [33.23]
    -You sought the truth, Once you found it you declared your vow to follow the path of Ahlul Bayt. Now you received your reward, Im certain you now stand amongst The prophet, Ahlul Bayt and Abu Fadel Al-Abbas Which inspired you most. Brother the moment you joined Islam a blessing from god came down on our community, and even after your death that pure heart and soul you held never stopped giving, look at us now united & closer than ever. Brother I wish you were here with us today celebrating the Eid instead here we are celebrating your death. Brother its true your pysically gone, but in my eyes I will always see you, in my heart I will always feel you, in my soul I will always be with you. Abbas my dear brother I will surely miss you, but inshallah our destinies will unite us all again In the gardens of heaven,Until then R.I.P. Dear ABBAS.