Wednesday , November 22 2017
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In This

ImageYahya Naqvi reflecting on the reality of the world in which we live.


Yahya Naqvi








In this materialism, spirituality is in a drought
The wealthy talk big and we ignore the devout

People unaware of their destiny
Others unaware of their route

Temptation here and there will buy someone's faith out
And every kid seems to struggle with unanswered doubts

Diamond stickers on the blanket sky
Mirror majestic power and awe

An eerie, cold silence at the grave
Indication, reminder of how…

In this picture of humanity I am nothing but a dot
Character on a journey to comprehend the stories plot
Trying to find the answer, trying to untie the knot
I know where I have to get now, I know what I've got
And if I walk carefully I know I've got a shot

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  • Sarah

    Masha’Allah, you are very talented

  • Hajj Muhammad

    Salam. The poem shows talent and reflection. May Allah increase His blessings on its author and readers.

  • Shireen

    mashallah… deep.. and very well written… great job yahya

  • Khurrum

    Masha’Allah bro… you have alot of talent. Its always a pleasure reading your poetry

  • Bilal Malek

    Aint nothing better than hearing this one live so ya’ll best get some tickets to the tour, Yahya Naqveezy coming to a city near you

  • jia

    ^^^ i have a backstage pass! wooo-whoooo!!