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Rather a Martyr than a Murderer

Shaikh Ali Abu TalibShaikh Ali Abu Talib on the struggle in life and the choice between martyrdom and murder.

Shaikh Ali Abu Talib

Everybody dies. It is what it is…
To strive… to survive… heart beating to live…
To breathe in and out…
To Laugh… to cry… to whisper… to shout.

What is more worthy to fight for than life…
Fighting for parents… children… and wife?
The question is simple. It isn’t rhetorical.
The answer can be given by other than an oracle.

Life everlasting… one’s immortal destination
Is more precious and deserves more consideration,
And Vigilance, because of its superior worth
Than prolonging the duration a soul spends on earth.

All souls taste death, but some go to hell.
Like Iblis who was blessed, till the day that he fell
For misusing the right God gave him to choose
And refusing to bow to God’s rules and God’s Views.

The damned make excuses for the filth that they wallow in.
They claim to be clean though it’s sin that they swallow in.
They defend wrong opinions with wealth, cunning, and cruelty.
But sin is what it is. And in the end there’s a penalty.

So Able told Cain that he’d rather be killed
Than to murder a man and go against what God Willed.
So just what is winning? And just what is sinning?
For all life will end… and face The Timeless Beginning.

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  • otowi

    This is a great poem! I love it, thanks!

  • Hajar

    Beautiful poem!

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